I have been painting since 2012 and sold work through my local art society and Holmfirth Art Week. I wanted to make more original and meaningful work and enrolled on the BA (Hons) Painting degree course with the Open College of Arts. 

I enjoy the process of researching a place or a subject and exploring it in a variety of painting media such as acrylics, oils, pastels, and inks, sometimes on wood panels, paper, canvas and linen. The final paintings have often taken twists and turns as I feel my way and experiment with the materials.

The focus of my work is nature, landscape and the precarity of life. I have recently made a series of paintings inspired by research in working stone quarries. There is a long history of quarrying that has shaped the landscape in my local area. Seeing the strata in a huge quarry face evokes a lot of different thoughts about time and the evolution of planet earth ( see the section 'Quarry Project' on the Paintings page).

Through my studies I have found how to make paintings that feel more like me, and I am pleased that others like them too. Follow the link below to see upcoming exhibitions where my work is on show.